Exterior Carpentry

Exterior Carpentry

Exterior Carpentry

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Exterior carpentry when you need to replace a rotted trim board, repair a deck, build a new deck or build a custom shed, contact Handyman Repair Pro for all your exterior projects, both large and small

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Recent projects include:
Recent remodeling projects include:
Bathroom Renovation – Grafton, Ma
This bathroom needed some demo work before insulation and patching walls. Also the existing shower was gutted then converted into a closet by installing drywall, shelves and interior 6 panel door with colonial casings. In addition new tile floors where installed and a 3/4″ […]

Home Repairs – Rotted Structural Members

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Home Repairs – Rotted Structural Members
Home repairs are needed to maintain the value of your home. Occasionally simple home repairs take a turn for the worst and home owners are hit with a major repair.
While making a few home repairs on this ten year old home we discovered rotted structural […]