Rotted structural members were discovered on a 10 year old home while we were replacing a small section of a rotted corner board.

Rotted Structural Members

rotted structural members, corner post

Home repairs are needed to maintain the value of your home. Occasionally simple home repairs take a turn for the worst and home owners are hit with a major repair. While making a few home repairs on this ten year old home we discovered rotted structural members (see photo). We exposed the rotted structural members when we removed a small section of a rotted corner board. The effected rotted structural members included the sills, box sills, shoe, corner post and half a dozen studs rotted up about a foot.

Rotted Structural Members Cause

home repairs - rotted corner post repaired

Rot happens, even to newer and the best of homes. Water intrusion was running down the sheathing behind the cedar clapboards was the cause of these rotted structural members. Also a second problem added further damage, ants. Wet wood acts like a magnet to ants. Ants prefer to establish their nests in areas where wood has been exposed to severe moisture. An exterminator was called in so we could proceed with supporting the 2nd floor. In addition we opened up the rest of the affected area. Once all the rotted structural members were removed and replaced we could then get this home back together. Lastly we applied a fresh coat of paint on the cedar clapboards and trim boards.

Rotted Structural Prevention

The best way to prevent rotted structural members is early detection. Firstly, take a look at your trim boards, corner boards and siding to see if there are any signs of rot. Secondly, call Handyman Repair Pro for a professional assessment and make those home repairs before they become a major project.

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