• Shelves finished
    Shelves finished
  • Basement renovation
    Basement renovation
  • Wall Shelf
    Wall Shelf
  • Bathroom floor tile
    Bathroom floor tile
  • Display Stand - Trommel Brush - Broom
    Display Stand for a Trommel Brush (broom)
  • Deck Stairs Rebuilt
    Deck Stairs Rebuilt
  • shelves
    custom built shelves
  • Deck stripped & stained
  • Display Cabinet
    Display Cabinet
  • Crown moulding shelf
    Crown moulding shelf
Recent projects include:


projects include Oak Stairs Rebuilt
Oak Stairs Rebuilt

Recent remodeling projects include:

Bathroom Renovation – Grafton, Ma

This bathroom needed some demo work before insulation and patching walls. Also the existing shower was gutted then converted into a closet by installing drywall, shelves and interior 6 panel door with colonial casings. In addition new tile floors where installed and a 3/4″ pine bead wainscot half way up the walls capped with a chair rail. Also new tile in the bathtub area was installed and the existing cast iron tub was refinished. In addition a new toilet, vanity and medicine cabinet was installed before a fresh coat of paint was applied. Remodel Bathroom in Grafton, Ma.

Renovate Dining Room – Worcester, Ma

Dining room needed existing paneling removed that exposed problems with the underlying wall covering and no insulation in the outside walls. Once the paneling and wall covering was removed new insulation and drywall was installed. After the drywall work was done a fresh coat of paint was applied finished with new baseboards. Also to complete the room hardwood floors where sanded and finished with satin polyurethane. Dining Room Remodel, hall and stairwell in Worcester, Ma.

Bathroom Renovation – Worcester, Ma

Remodel Bathroom, Bathroom in Worcester, Ma.

Renovate Bedroom – Millbury, Ma

Bedroom Remodel, Millbury, Ma

Package Store Renovation – Hopkinton, Ma

Remodel Package Store, Hopkinton, Ma

Apartments Renovation – Hopkinton, Ma

Renovate apartments, Hopkinton, Ma


Deck stripped & stained
Deck stripped & stained

Recent deck projects include:

Deck Repair – Millbury, Ma

Remove existing rotted stairs and stair rails. Also build new set of replacement stairs and rails. Deck Repair, replace stairs and railing, Millbury, Ma

Repair deck – Shrewsbury, Ma

Refasten and repair rails and decking. Also added extra support members to framing. Repair Deck, Shrewsbury, Ma

Build new deck – Millbury, Ma

Design and build a new deck, trimmed and enclosed with lattice work. Build new deck, Millbury, Ma


Recent door projects include:

Install exterior door – Worcester, Ma

Cut and frame rough opening for new exterior door. Also trim exterior of door and repair vinyl siding. In addition trim the interior of the door with colonial casings and complete with painting. Exterior door install, Worcester, Ma

Closet Door Install – Millbury, Ma

Install new bi-fold closet door and hardware. Install new closet door, Millbury, Ma

Repair bedroom door – Auburn, Ma

Make repairs and readjust bedroom door to close properly. Bedroom Door Repair, Auburn, Ma

Repair sliding glass door – Hopkinton, Ma

Remove sliding wood patio door and dismantle to repair and then replace with new glass. Sliding glass door repair, Hopkinton, Ma

Sliding Glass Door Repair – Auburn, Ma

Repair sliding Glass door, readjust and lubricate track. Repair sliding Glass door, Auburn, Ma

Install front door – Millbury, Ma

Remove existing front exterior door, repair rotted sub floor and sill then install new front door. New door, Millbury, Ma


Recent window projects include:

Install new Double hung replacement window – Holden, Ma

Prep existing window and install new Double hung replacement window. Replacement window, Holden, Ma

Casement Window Install – Millbury, Ma

New Casement window install with colonial casings. Casement window, Millbury, Ma

Double Hung Window Install – Millbury, Ma

Install new Double hung window with colonial casings. Double hung window, Millbury, Ma


Fireplace Enclosure
Custom fireplace enclosure

Recent carpentry projects include:

Design and Build custom fireplace enclosure – Whitinsville, Ma

Build and design a custom fireplace enclosure for overhead flat screen tv. Fireplace Enclosure in Whitinsville, Ma

Pergola Design and Build – Millbury, Ma

Design and build a custom Pergola on a deck using pressure treated materials. Build new Pergola, Millbury, Ma

Repair Drywall

Recent drywall projects include:

Drywall closet – Millbury, Ma

Closet demo then install new drywall and paint. Also built custom shelves and closet rods. Drywall closet, Millbury, Ma

Home Repairs

Recent home repair projects include:

Repair Headboard – Whitinsville, ma

Take apart a bed headboard and make repairs. Headboard Repair, Whitinsville, ma

Kitchen Cabinets Repair – Grafton, Ma

Make repairs to kitchen cabinet and several drawers. Kitchen Cabinet Repair & draws, Grafton, Ma

Install ceiling light fan fixture – Auburn, Ma

Remove existing fixture and install new hardware for ceiling fan and light kit. Install ceiling light fan fixture, Auburn, Ma

Microwave Oven Install – Auburn, Ma

Existing microwave was removed and new hardware was installed for the new microwave install. New Microwave Oven Install, Auburn, Ma

Repair Washing machine – Auburn, Ma

Washing machine had a broken switch that was remedied by replacing the lid switch and also replacing a leaky water hose. Repair Washing machine, Auburn, Ma  

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