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Stairs and railings

Stairs – Railings Rebuilt with Red Oak

Staircase before renovation

Staircase before renovation

Stairs and railings take dozens of separate pieces to construct a hardwood staircase.

Staircases are made up of treads, risers, moldings and skirt boards. Stair treads are the flat steps and risers are the vertical kick plates you can see. Stringers are the

Stairs rebuilt with red oak

Stairs rebuilt with red oak

saw-tooth pieces of wood that support the stairs from underneath. Railings are made up of handrails, newel posts and balusters.

On this job in Worcester, Ma, the home owner wanted the old staircase renovated, then rebuild new with red oak treads and railings.

Removing the old

Renovating an older home always seems to present itself with issues when you start dismantling the old to get ready for the new, and this staircase was no different. Removing the paneling from the stairwell revealed the first issue. It seems the paneling was installed to cover up the wallboard disaster.

Removing the treads, risers and skirt board revealed a novice framed the wall around the outside stair stringer. Taking measurements showed the staircase was not parallel and all the tread notches and rise were different sizes on every step.


Before building a new staircase repairs had to be made. Knowing the repairs could not be done in a day the first repair was to fix the badly framed wall and stringers so we could install temporary steps so the stairs would still be functional until all the repairs could be completed.

The walls in the stairwell were next and needed patching, replacing, installing new drywall, taping and compounding the walls. After the walls were sanded smooth a paint job completed the repairs and we could start building the new staircase.

Rebuilding the Stairs

To keep the staircase in use we left the temporary stairs in place. Taking precise measurements and mapping each stair part so we could manufacture the parts in our shop to cut down on installation time. After completing all the stair parts in our shop we brought them to the jobsite and could do a one day installation so the homeowners lost no function of the stairs during the whole process.

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