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Carpentry, Handyman Repair Pro
Carpentry projects often require the skill and knowledge of a craftsman. Our lead carpenter, a master carpenter can install, build or design a variety of customized projects.

Knowledge & Skill

Skilled and knowledgeable carpenters have worked in almost every type of activity. Also we have erected the wood framework of buildings, including sub flooring, sheathing, partitions, floor joists, studding, and rafters.

Finish Carpentry

When the building is ready for the finish we have installed molding, wood paneling, cabinets, window sash, door frames, doors and hardware. Also we have build stairs, lay floors, as well as design and build custom built-ins, furniture, cupola’s, pergola’s and gazebo’s. In addition when doing finish work, our main concern is the appearance as well as structural accuracy of our work.

Interior Carpentry

Our carpenter can perform professional service whether you need a shelf installed or need to rebuild a partition to open up a room. Contact us for all your interior carpentry projects, both large and small.

Carpenter Tasks

  • Repair doors
  • Also install doors
  • Windows repair
  • Also install windows
  • Repair baseboard
  • Also install baseboard
  • Window casings
  • Also install window casings
  • Molding installation
  • Install paneling
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Also custom cabinets
  • Built-ins
  • Build office space
  • Carpentry
  • Install wainscot
  • Also chair rail
  • Build mantles
  • Also install fireplace enclosures
  • Custom built fireplace enclosures
  • Install hardwood flooring
  • Repair stairs
  • Also build stairs
  • Repair railings
  • Also install railings
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Also build vanities
  • Bookshelves
  • Also build or install shelves
  • Carpenter

carpenter - carpentry
Exterior Carpentry

If you need a carpenter to replace a rotted trim board, repair a deck, build a new deck or build a custom shed, contact us for all your exterior carpentry projects, both large and small.

  • Repair rotted trim
  • Also install or Repair siding
  • Exterior door Repair
  • Also install exterior doors
  • Storm door installation
  • Repair fences
  • Also install new fences
  • Carpenter
  • Install lamp posts
  • Repair decks
  • Also build new decks
  • Repair deck stairs
  • Also build new deck stairs
  • Custom shed construction
  • Build planters
  • Carpenter

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